Developer Resources

Getting started

If you’re new to developing with Pristine, you’re in the right place. These projects and repositories are written by the Pristine community will introduce you to the basics of Pristine and introduce core concepts that might be different from other development you’re familiar with.

Need a more basic non-technical primer first? Check out


Pristine is an open source repository in its original condition.

Pristine Typescript

A starting point for open source software on top of pristine and typescript.

Pristine Typescript React

A Pristine starting point for typescript react projects

Pristine Typescript React Jade

A Pristine starting point for typescript react projects ontop of the Pristine Suite

Pristine Typescript Electron Menubar

This is a starting place for an electron menubar application based on typescript and pristine.

Pristine Typescript OpenRPC Server

This is a pristine starting point to create an OpenRPC JSON-RPC server via open-rpc/server-js